Design and planning of new products.

The number of new products appearing annually in the U.S. market,

staggering. In fact, most of these goods is not an innovation, a

is adaptation. This means that these products are nothing more than a

existing products that have been modified or have been

some changes. Very few of these products is truly innovative or original. For example, a transistor radio is an adaptation of pre-existing products, but the radio, TV, refrigerator or electric shaver - all this innovation.

Manufacturing and marketing a large part of innovative products

engaged in small businesses. In many cases, the new product is the basis for Design and planning of new products. a new kind of ppedprinimatelskoy. In this case, it is assumed that there is a demand for a product, it is necessary, and the new venture is aimed at

promotion of this product on the market. Obtaining a patent can ensure the success of this activity. Too often, research and test new products are not adequate, a market need not izychayutsya carefully.

If the production is carried out on a large enterprise, it is usually

produced a significant market research and product testing. But success is not guaranteed in this case. In a large number of cases, however, you can save time and Design and planning of new products. money if you stop the process of developing a new product, which is known to be a failure

Incorrect pricing, inadequate methods of moving goods to market. inappropriate methods of sale of goods may also deprive the market of new product success. In general, less than one-fifth of all new products can bring profit.

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